The Nassar’s and Catchon’s (Mc Catchon) have lived in the British Islands since and before the Roman invasion. I have found at least 300 years of recorded ancestral history in my research. The Catchon’s were early Viking settlers in the Scottish highlands and the Lake District. There was a period of conflict between them and the Roman Army of whom some were named Nassar from Palestine which was part of the empire before the dark ages. After this the Nassar and Catchon’s co existed and still do today.

The Catchon’s like so many of the Scottish highlanders were almost wiped out (like the Mc Donald’s who settled near The Three Sisters mounds) they are found today in North America, Scandinavia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. The Nassar’s on the other hand have spread into most parts of the world like wild fire. The birthplace of the Nassar tribe is the Canaan region in the Middle East and the original Al Nassar (The Nassar) tribe still live in Palestine.