The philosophy of man is based on information that he consumes. Man’s philosophy is what dictates emotions of euphoria, feelings of accomplishment and the triggers that cause them. Having the correct understanding of the reality of the world through the accumulation of true news and information is of increasingly paramount importance due to this.

Man should choose an ideal to follow and have set goals at each juncture in life. Otherwise dither and dismay is inevitable. He can reach great heights by finding the right motivation to make him decide to be a good individual like faith in the Devine and the afterlife. This is how one becomes the best of all living things. Otherwise his faith would be in things that are other than this. Not because these other things have any tangible or observable proof or mathematical or even logically sound theoretical proof. But rather because we all have to believe in something. Either it is God or what ever else we could attribute truthfulness to. People of the past worshipped fire, the sun and moon and even hand crafted idles and called them God. in the 21st century we have climate change, the pandemic, anarchism, terrorism, BLM and extinction rebellion as religions and truths that we believe.

The author establishes the definition of The God whom he calls Allah and The Ideal whom he calls prophet Muhammed whose way of life and teachings of Islamic philosophy he argues and believes will bring about the best of man.


What is God? A face of a man wearing white robes, a limitation of human imagination. Or is God better defined as the bearer of all memories of worlds yet to imagine. 

Mankind is limited in potential. Therefore, to be God is to be not man. A boundless entity conscious through all of creation for eternity is a better definition. One that is infinite and perfect since these ideas are not experiences and are beyond us. 


The correct understanding of the most fundamental building block of nature is the Greek philosophical atom. Based on this idea “Rifdhi’s Atomos” builds a full description of physics and philosophy backed by mathematics and sound arguments. It outlines the modern philosophical standpoint on higher dimensional space-time continuums and its ramifications on ethics.


The true nature of the world and universe that wraps around one is a mystery that can only be solved by the individual self. This book takes the reader through the scientific approaches made by Mohamed to understand and reason with certainty the reality of the cosmos. He finally realizes the fact that there is indeed a better world somewhere in the multiverse that he could get to by changing into the best possible self.


Life is a journey into the unknown. A constant struggle to understand good and evil. The poet finds himself in this dilemma from which he ascends physically, mentally, and spiritually by comprehending the place of God and man. The expression of this unique endeavour takes shape within the poems confined to this book.


A Book of modern science addressing questions about the fundamental reality of nature using theoretical physics, philosophy, and mathematics.  
The story of a man whose disambiguation leads him to a place beyond his known realm of reality, a sea of infinities, the Zero of everything, through multiple dimensions of space and time continuums.


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